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How To Stay True To Training During Festival Seasons or Frequent Travelling?

Festive seasons or frequent traveling can sabotage your fitness regime. Researchers say that a three days gap in between your training can damage muscles, strength, and other benefits of training. But festivals and traveling take more than 7 days without training. Staying true to your fitness goal is your responsibility if you really respect your endeavors and avoid the later guilt of not continuing the training. 


To stay true to your wellness, you need a mindset first and foremost. Because gym training is not the only way to stay true to your fitness. There are many options like body weight training, yoga, running, and others. That requires no heavy weights or instruments. 


However you can enjoy the intense training without any particular instruments, there are some equipment that you can carry easily anywhere, including, rope, Dumbbell Set, yoga mat, push up bars, and others. These equipment don’t need much space and are easy to lift. 


Here you will know how you can stay true to your training with or without these small equipment. 


Stay True To Your Training:


When we are in a routine, we are able to do our best. But when something changes which we don’t have control over, we leave our training schedule. Festivals or frequent traveling are some hindrances for your training. Here are some points to keep in mind for staying true to training. 


  • Keep training equipment handy: Wherever you go, you can keep some training equipment like Dumbbell set, skipping rope, push up bars, and other handy things with you. All these are easy to carry in small bags and don’t weigh much. Best part is that all these equipment are cost effective. Now you need not to worry about missing your gym session. And you enjoy the festivals and travel without any guilt. 
  • Bodyweight exercises: Many experts believe that bodyweight training is better than machine training. These exercises are good for flexibility and strength. Also, bodyweight exercises are safer than machine exercises. It includes push ups, abdominal exercises, pull ups, set ups, planks, and others. Other than these exercises, there are some other exercises like yoga, stretching, burpees, animal crawling, and surya namaskar are great for flexibility and strength. 
  • Choose the timing carefully: Festival celebrations usually fall at night and throughout the day, you have to prepare for that. So, morning is the best time to train. After the intense training, your body is sensitive to nutrient absorption. After training, the possibilities of eating balanced and nutritious foods can be increased. 
  • Stay active: Whenever you get the chance, try to stay active. Use stairs rather than lifts for reaching your apartment. Help your family members for festival decoration. Go on foot to the market to bring any regular goods like milk, curd, and others. Staying physically active is the best way to stay true to fitness goals. 




To stay true to health and fitness, one needs a strong mind set, some equipment, better nourishment, healthy habits, sound sleep, and many more. Once you have all of them incorporate all above given points to your daily lifestyle and push your fitness to the next level.