Get Periods Regularly

How to Get Periods Regularly & Naturally: 5 Remedies for Irregular Periods

Every woman goes through a menstrual cycle, and the cycle ranges from 21 days to even 45 days. It comes regularly every 21 days, or every 30 days, and so on. As long as it is regular, there is no problem at all. But when it becomes irregular, then that is a problem.

It brings uncertainty to many other activities in your life. And so this is a regular period that should be handled and it can be removed with a yogic way of living. So, here are some methods which we will show you How to gets periods regularly.

The first thing which we would strongly recommend is eating. But along with yoga asanas.

Do Exercise Regularly


When a person goes for a bath, she has to spend 10 minutes more in the bathroom first. She has to fill water in the tub, and she has to sit in that water holding both the maze and the arms. So you are sitting in them.


Your hips are in the tub, your legs are outside the tub. Sitting in this position, do one exercise, which is called Ashwini mudra. Ashwini mudra is the contraction and relaxation of the anal muscles (vaginal muscles). So, sitting in the water, a person should contract the anal muscles of their tight hip, pull it up and relax, contract the vaginal muscles. Tightly pull upwards and relax. This tightening and pulling upwards and relaxing This person should go on doing this for at least four minutes, and then the person should sit in the water and relax.


This hip pad should be done regularly till you start getting your period regularly. It is very effective exercise because it helps the uterus and the fallopian tubes. They function very well. And so automatically, the person gets a period. Begin coming normally and without pain. Without any problems.



Eat Unripe Papaya


Unripe green papaya is considered to regulate menstrual flow. It contracts the muscle fibres in the uterus, making grated unripe papaya and making a salad out of it. Make a vegetable out of it, juice out of it, but don’t take this during the menstrual period.

  • Ginger regularly.
  • Take ginger water.
  • Take an inch of ginger, grated.
  • boil it with water, and drink it. After your lunch break, that water with a little jaggery or sugar and a little water. Afternoon snacks after dinner will help you manage your problems.


Weight loss


Weight loss is a problem for many, but when people do lots of work out, sweat out and suddenly reduce suddenly, that also creates a lot of problems. Come on, on the way, manage your weight, overweight, or obesity. We can cause problems, but we understand the sudden loss of weight. Also, it can cause problems nowadays, because a person who wants to maintain a zero figure starts doing lots of workouts and all that.

Such a sudden lifestyle change is going to create a problem. So try and do whatever you want to do, but gradually maintain a standard weight for your body, and that would help your body to recoup.




Yoga sessions are very, very useful for bringing hormonal balance into our bodies and should be done regularly by every woman.

Hasta padangusthasana lying-down variation, anaerobic process, serve on gossip. All these survivors are so very much required to exercise. The pelvic region of a woman has to be very active while working, very often getting up and moving around. We have to do a whole day, but certain assets should be done twice or thrice, so try and see that when you do all these asanas.


Stress management


Because of stress, all the hormones are being disturbed. And so to increase the secretion of hormones.


If you want to be a normal person again, you should practise meditation. should learn to sit quietly and observe the class. Esther’s thoughts are reduced. Try and sit peacefully. Stop thinking, stop getting tense. Stop getting worried. At some point, just being in a peaceful happy state for some time, at least 10 minutes twice a day, would help you to bring balance into your body.


Make sure that among meditative techniques, at least you do these two: one sitting in sukhasana, and the other just watching your thoughts.


Listen to some sounds that are there in the atmosphere, being very passive listening states, but don’t think. And that would be a beautiful meditation irregular. The period could be very easily managed. If a person follows the path of yoga, yoga is the answer to all such problems.


You can handle these problems very easily with this article How to gets periods regularly. follow these simple steps, which we have mentioned, and we see that you come out of this with regularity and come back to your good balanced life. Enjoy your health. Enjoy your life.

Causes for Irregular Periods


There are several other causes of irregular periods that aren’t connected to marriage but can affect any woman. They include:

  • perimenopause
  • polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS)
  • endometriosis
  • thyroid problems
  • fibroids
  • pelvic inflammatory disease (PID)
  • certain medications

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